Connections Cause Motivation Too

I was thinking about how people tend to connect with each other. In the most strange ways and at the strangest times. When you connect with the right people at the right times the possibilities are endless.

Time changes people and changes their thoughts, their actions, their hearts, everything.

We change completely every seven years. 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, etc. These are the ages your body is and has been completely transformed from the seven years before that.

But what about our minds? Our memories? The love we had and lost or kept and also our trials and tribulations we experienced through those transitions too?

They all matter and they all teach us something, sometimes they are good and benefit us and sometimes they are bad and they tear us apart but they all teach us something just as our mistakes do in our lives.

Sometimes we can look up and not really realize how we got somewhere but we did and we were all motivated to go on. Even when its not easy and even when we are not sure what we are doing or need to do or sometimes when we are not sure what it is we are meant to do yet.

But of all this we can use what we have been through as motivation. It may not be easy to look back at the hard times we have been through but if we do we can see what it is we can change or do better and use that as a way to navigate us in our present and future lives. We are all connected to each other in small ways and most times its  invisible to the naked eye but we still are.

Our connection to one another is what keeps the world working. Its what keeps the good in us churning still. When we don’t connect to other people we lose ourselves. What is good in the world gets lost in the hate, jealousy, lies, deceit….

That is why you have to surround yourself with the right energy and people to stay going on the path that fulfills you most and makes you happiest. This is the most important thing to stay youthful and full of life, determination, and most importantly motivation to do what you need to do, on your own path and journey.


Freelance Fridays! Indeed Jobs will pay you to match anyone with a job on their website!

I thought this was pretty cool and I am going to try it out for myself too. I just got the email today about Indeed Jobs paying for anyone actually to set others up with a job who might be looking. 

I thought this was pretty cool and wanted to share it here for my “Freelance Fridays”

Its called Indeed Crowd.

Anyone can sign up for it and you can start as soon as you want.

You make $10 per match and can also get a reward of up to $5,000 on some jobs.

So here is the breakdown:

Per match:
A “match” means that your candidate applies and is invited to an initial phone screen. If this happens you receive an Amazon gift card for the listed amount.

Quickmatch for Indeed Prime:
For Indeed Prime opportunities “match” means that your candidate applied and was accepted into the Indeed Prime program. If this happens you receive an Amazon gift card for the listed amount.
If your candidate is hired for a job offering a reward bonus, we’ll contact you within three business days of them accepting their offer to start the payment process for the amount listed.
There is also a section for “Urgent Needs Jobs” that need to be filled quickly.
After you think you have found a match for a job you fill in their details which include their name, email, phone number, and their resume.
So if you know anyone who is currently looking for a new job or position this would be a great way to match them up and get paid to do it! Everyone is happy.


Snowballs, school canceled, and short hair!




So, the kids have been out of school almost all week and I have been distracted with them. They went to school on Monday and that was it. Have to love the south I guess. Cancelling school for the least amount of snow I have ever seen in my life. I let them go out and play in it since its only been about the 3rd time they have even seen it. It’s funny how these little moments are so fun to watch. They had a good time throwing snowballs at each other for about an hour before it got too cold. I will try to post more in the week coming up.

Oh, and I cut my hair short too. I will be posting some pics soon of that.




I have a confesssion to make…

I almost gave up … on my education.

Yes, I was going to drop out, I was set and all ready to tell my counselor that I wanted to end it all. I was going to have more time for all the things I needed to do and get done. I am tired. I need a break. I told my husband and of course, he tried to talk me out of it but I was dead set against it. I was going to be free (or free-er of the constant worry of what assignment I was going to have to rush through next and find the time for).

Then as I was reading through some of the blogs as I do on a daily basis I realized I wasn’t alone. No one said it was going to be easy, but it is going to be worth it.

I just never realized how hard and how many ups and downs and catching up and finding the time and still knowing I need to do it and… it’s just exhausting.

But, it is something that needs to be done. I started it and now its time to finish. I made myself and my kids a promise that I was not going to quit and so I can’t.

There is no question to it. The sadder part is my instructor has actually given me a leg up and allowed me to turn in some of my work later than it was due and I was still going to throw in the towel. I have just been doing so much but I forgot to take care of myself in the process which is what happens to a lot of us mothers I think. If we aren’t taking care of ourselves then nothing is and can go well or smoothly. So from now on, I am numero uno for the most part anyways. I also have not been going to bed early enough so I guess its time to get back in order especially for the new year. Sleeping at the right times is a must.

I am glad I came back to reality and got out of my funk. I am ready to go again. Come on 2018. Now to get into the books again…

Faceless, but Titled

This post touched me this morning as I read through it. I realize at 18 I felt the same way. Some days at 32 I still do and I’m sure many more too.


I might not be trying as hard as everybody expects me to be. I might not seem like I’m trying at all, but I swear to you that even when I’m lying stagnant and staring at the ceiling, oh hell. I am trying my hardest not to lose any more control over my own life.

And it’s hard. It’s hard having to juggle my doubts and feelings of absolute inadequacy with everybody’s expectations of me. It’s harder to juggle my own expectations for myself. It’s hard most of all to keep myself from breaking apart. Because I feel so-

Faceless and Untitled.

I feel so unworthy and not good enough for anything.

People have been telling me to be more confident. Speak louder, study harder. Be the person you want to be. But I doubt, I doubt, I doubt and I doubt.

Can I? Can I be that person? Will…

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Want more exposure for your blog? Wow!

Hi Everyone, In 2017 I started a blog post called “Promote Your Blog” where fellow bloggers could share and promote their blog with the MIU community. This post resulted in 25,000+ views and 4,000+ bloggers sharing the who, what and why behind their blog. I want to create a new directory to even out the […]

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