Wow! What A Week! I’m SO BUTT TIRED!!

I actually feel like writing here tonight so I am! Anyways this week has been supremely busy with the kids, my new blog which I put a few new posts up on, and a few opportunities I came across on my FB that I am really interested in doing.

I also need to get my paper turned in for my Interpersonal Communications class. I tried really hard last night to write something on it but I felt stuck, no words were coming to me at all! Have you ever felt like that? Just staring at an assignment and nothing is coming to your mind? I guess I am having a little mini writer’s block. Its supposed to be five pages in length plus the title page and references page on the last few chapters we read but I think I am going to just go to bed tonight and wake up early while all the kids are still asleep and work on it.

My oldest, Jaiden has a massive project to work on these next two weeks too and it’s all due on the 23rd of this month. I am really worried about how I am going to be able to help him with it and him getting it completed and turned in on time. It accounts for a lot of his grade this semester. Uh, the pressures of family life. Every time you get through one stage here comes another one. He is in the fourth grade this year and doing pretty well actually after having struggled a little bit the last two years with school. He is on grade level for his math and reading and I am very pleased that he is now. It was a hard transition to regular schooling for him in the beginning years because he just doesn’t learn the same way as other kids his age. He is more of a Montessori learner.

Jonas, my second oldest who is in the third grade absolutely loves school and is in advanced classes for his grade level and we just got the letter today stating he is being evaluated tomorrow to be put in the gifted program. He is really excited about it. As long as he is happy is all that matters.

Javon, my third oldest and the stay at home preschooler is working on well all the preschool things he needs to learn. Lol. He knows all his letters and we are now working on letter sounds and counting to twenty. He pretty much knows how to now but for some reason 12 and 15 are not his friends. I haven’t figured that one out yet.

Xyneia, my youngest and only girl is now 15 months old now and growing. She likes to scream at her brothers when they get in her way and cause chaos. Lol. Yeah, I guess you could say she is a baby diva. I hope she calms down though a little bit. She scares me some days.

(side note:I am still trying to figure out how to wean her from breastfeeding, she is not having it!)

I also was recently invited to sell books from USBorne Books from home as a work from home job. It sounds really interesting and I accepted. They have a special right now going on for a kit that you can get for 40$ but its valued at over 140$. So, I told the Rep. I am definitely in! So I will soon be selling books for them if anyone is interested or you can become a rep as well.

If you would like to see my new posts on my other blog that I recently wrote and am very proud of you can click  below to read them.

If you are thinking about freelance writing these are definitely going to help you out!

Resources and Ideas for the New Freelance Writer (1)

10 Resources and Ideas for the New Freelance Writer

angiesfreelancing.wordpress.com1 (2).png

I actually got this one shared by Elna Cain the other night which was awesome! She is a top freelance writer and earns a six figure income from it while staying home with her twins. Here is the link … 10 Things You Need to do When You Decide To Become a Freelance Writer

I have been working pretty hard this week and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

I have goals on my mind this year and they won’t get done themselves just because I wrote them down.

Have a great night! I am going to relax and watch a show now.

If you haven’t already follow me on IG because I am too lazy to post any pics in my posts right now but I am hoping to do so in the coming weeks! Thanks! 🙂






Wow! I finally hit 100 Followers!

Six months into my blogging and here I am at 100 followers. Pretty cool. I appreciate every last person who is interested in what is I choose to write about randomly. Well, my day is going a little better today. Now I only have a mild cough, I am only hacking up one of my lungs instead of both. 🙂 Just kidding. Both my older boys went to school today so it was just me and my four year old and the baby hanging out. I tried as much as possible to stay in my bed and get as much rest as possible. At least the kids are over there little bouts of the flu and I don’t think they got it as bad as I did which was weird. I only get sick every three or four years or so though so I should have known I was going to get it this time. I did give myself a mini panic attack though reading all the bad news stories on how bad this flu is this year and how it’s getting worse each year. I still don’t like or trust the flu shots though. They scare me. Not sure if I am being a spazz for feeling that way though. I don’t normally take any kind of prescription medications though and when I do I have to cut them in half because my body doesn’t respond well to full doses of anything. SO I just finished up my assignment that was dues tonight and I am about to get in the bed so I can do it all over again tomorrow. Hopefully, I will be ME tomorrow again or at least close to that version anyways. I realized I don’t take enough pictures but I should so I am going to start doing that more often. That’s it for tonight. Maybe I will write more tomorrow. Night!

So the FLU finally GOT ME!

And it is the weekend now which means all four of my kids are better and now I am sick. How lucky am I?

This is literally me …


and these are the kids since they are feeling better now …


WHY? Because I have three boys. THAT is why. AND of course, they didn’t go outside today.

Also, lucky me I lost my voice (somewhat) so they are taking full advantage of this. The rest of my night is looking grim.

Dad is going grocery shopping in a minute to replenish the cabinets and then who knows what is going to happen after that. I will get them fed and in the bed (eventually) and then maybe I can get some rest. But then again I have homework to complete still.

So, that is all for the updates today. Maybe tomorrow will be better. (crossing my fingers)


Reblog – Be Careful to Sow More Positive Seeds than Negative Ones

This is so true. It is very easy to sow negative seeds than positive ones and I am guilty of this too. I have a post that explains exactly why this is on my facebook page and I will post it here too, below. Happy Monday!

Sowing positive seeds will bring forth positive thoughts and this will keep you more focused on the process, rather than the outcome.

via Here Are 4 Reasons Why We Should Sow Positive Seeds — Motivation with Dehan


Update: Sorry I forgot to post the link for the video!  Here it is!

Freelance Friday – “OnlineBookClub”

Online Book Club is something I found while searching around for freelancing opportunities this week. It seems legit and I am going to try it out myself. You simply sign up to receive a free book every day (if you want to do it that frequently, of course) and then you get paid to review them when you are finished. ( and even if you do not want to review every book you read you still have access to all of them) They want your honest opinion too as it says on sign up. This is not one of those paid for positive reviews type deals.

I am big on reading and its one of my favorite things to do, even as a kid. So this will be a perfect opportunity for any readers out there and if you’re not I’m sure getting paid for a review of free books would still definitely make it worth your while!


It’s a really simple process. You simply sign up. You then need to verify your email and you’re in!

From there you will need to do some social profile following but, again. There are free books available every single day!

A good little side hustle or gig for the freelancer type, stay at home mom, college students, anyone who reads really. You get points for every task you complete (simple tasks)  like following online book clubs social media accounts and the book of the day then those points enter you into a daily raffle for two Amazon gift cards of up to $40.


Startup Stock Photos

According to you can make between $5-60 per review. There are, of course, some guidelines for this which you will need to read through beforehand.

*Your first review will not be paid BUT after that you become eligible for paid reviews!

There are also some deadlines as well which actually shouldn’t be hard for anyone to sick to:

They are:

  • Within 4 days of accepting the book for review, you must confirm having successfully downloaded the book in a readable format
  • Within 30 days of confirming the successful download, you must confirm you have finished reading it.
  • Within 7 days of marking the book as read, you must submit the review.

Easy enough. 

They also don’t want you to keep reading if you don’t like the book and as part of the reviewing process to state why you didn’t like the book which they use to give feedback to that Author should you choose to pick that option. Just know if you do this many times it will make your reviewer score fall which doesn’t help you get higher paying reviews in the future.

They ask that your review be at least 400 words and at least 5 paragraphs. That sounds about right and would be just enough to give an accurate rating and good feedback to the Author as well on their book and let other potential buyers whether it’s worth reading or not or if they would even be interested.

They also show you what an example review should look like so there is no confusion once you start writing.

Your Reviewer Score


This is Online Book Clubs randomly generated score between 0 and 100. You can also earn points by participating in the discussions in the community on the website. So before you even start reviewing you can be well on your way to scoring some easy points. You will also get more points for how well you do on your reviews when you begin to write them and submit them.



You will be paid via Paypal and as stated before the number of points you stack up will ultimately be the determiner of whether you can make $5 or up to $60 dollars per review. Once you reach levels 5 and 6 you will be eligible to make the most money and you can get to this level as early as your third review. 🙂

You can sign up here.

So what do you think? It can’t hurt to try it out.





Connections Cause Motivation Too

I was thinking about how people tend to connect with each other. In the most strange ways and at the strangest times. When you connect with the right people at the right times the possibilities are endless.

Time changes people and changes their thoughts, their actions, their hearts, everything.

We change completely every seven years. 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, etc. These are the ages your body is and has been completely transformed from the seven years before that.

But what about our minds? Our memories? The love we had and lost or kept and also our trials and tribulations we experienced through those transitions too?

They all matter and they all teach us something, sometimes they are good and benefit us and sometimes they are bad and they tear us apart but they all teach us something just as our mistakes do in our lives.

Sometimes we can look up and not really realize how we got somewhere but we did and we were all motivated to go on. Even when its not easy and even when we are not sure what we are doing or need to do or sometimes when we are not sure what it is we are meant to do yet.

But of all this we can use what we have been through as motivation. It may not be easy to look back at the hard times we have been through but if we do we can see what it is we can change or do better and use that as a way to navigate us in our present and future lives. We are all connected to each other in small ways and most times its  invisible to the naked eye but we still are.

Our connection to one another is what keeps the world working. Its what keeps the good in us churning still. When we don’t connect to other people we lose ourselves. What is good in the world gets lost in the hate, jealousy, lies, deceit….

That is why you have to surround yourself with the right energy and people to stay going on the path that fulfills you most and makes you happiest. This is the most important thing to stay youthful and full of life, determination, and most importantly motivation to do what you need to do, on your own path and journey.

Freelance Fridays! “Indeed Crowd”

I thought this was pretty cool and I am going to try it out for myself too. I just got the email today about Indeed Jobs paying for anyone actually to set others up with a job who might be looking. 

I thought this was pretty cool and wanted to share it here for my “Freelance Fridays”

Its called Indeed Crowd.

Anyone can sign up for it and you can start as soon as you want.

You make $10 per match and can also get a reward of up to $5,000 on some jobs.

So here is the breakdown:

Per match:
A “match” means that your candidate applies and is invited to an initial phone screen. If this happens you receive an Amazon gift card for the listed amount.

Quickmatch for Indeed Prime:
For Indeed Prime opportunities “match” means that your candidate applied and was accepted into the Indeed Prime program. If this happens you receive an Amazon gift card for the listed amount.
If your candidate is hired for a job offering a reward bonus, we’ll contact you within three business days of them accepting their offer to start the payment process for the amount listed.
There is also a section for “Urgent Needs Jobs” that need to be filled quickly.
After you think you have found a match for a job you fill in their details which include their name, email, phone number, and their resume.
So if you know anyone who is currently looking for a new job or position this would be a great way to match them up and get paid to do it! Everyone is happy.